As in Europe, it is only from Krakow

It is widely known that the former Polish capital – Kraków, is an important transport point on the map Polish. Recently, also serves increasingly as a kind of “gateway of Europe.”

What is going on?

Well, now from Krakow, you can get a cheap becoming more attractive destinations and I’m not talking necessarily about any flight connections. The fact that this is also a good deal. Balice Airport offers many interesting directions, from those nearby, European, and quite exotic. But not for this I wanted to focus on. Well, they are increasingly popular cheap bus connections. It is well known that traveling from Krakow to Zakopane, and most preferably at the same time quickly comes out at crossing bus. Bus Krakow Zakopane goes a little over two hours, and the ticket costs only about 20 zł. It really is not enough, especially when compared with wlokącym on the same route the train station.

So why not go further? Abroad?

Busy Krakow Budapest (, very often entered the password in the Google search engine. Indeed, busy on this relationship are now ridiculously cheap and relatively fast. To the Hungarian capital will go even longer for less than 40 zł. In addition, there are numerous relief eg, for children up to 6 years of age, or for students. Not unlike the situation is a little more distant from Prague. Despite the higher mileage, busy Krakow Prague, it cost about 60 zł. Not much, as the distance traversed. Current trends in European tourism, represent a continuous fall in the prices of this type of travel routes. Increasingly popular is the departure of Krakow, just for example. To the Czech Republic or Hungary.

They emerge also increasingly is another direction, such as Vienna, Bratislava, and even Lviv. Wherever we are able to drive from Krakow quite directly, without entraining time stops, in addition cheaply.


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