Excursion in and around Krakow

During his stay in Krakow, we can see a lot of different sights and attractions. Their diversity makes the trip will be satisfied everyone. So what to see?
Krakow’s most popular destination for tourists is of course the market. Not without causes is one of the largest and most beautiful old towns in Europe. On the market we can visit the Cloth Hall, along with the underground, many beautiful old churches, and also visit countless interesting pubs and bars. Walk you can go to the royal Wawel zamek-. It is worth hook the cult Vistula boulevards, and on the evening with a nightcap under the Forum- Klubokawiarnia outdoors. Do not forget also about Krakow’s Kazimierz.
In addition to the places worth seeing in the Cracow, there are also those in nearby towns. The first of them-Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour. The place where pooddychamy healthy air, we will know the history of the mine and watch the beautiful salt sculptures. Another point of trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Certainly the most depressing place on the list, but should see them all. The remains of the concentration camp, items taken prisoners, the room in which they lived for years- all this remind you of the history of our ancestors.
For those who came from the north Polish, and less than 2 hours away are not przeszkody- recommend a trip to Zakopane. From Krakow Railway Station bus to Zakopane they leave very often, because we do not have to worry about communication. At the place you should go to all known Krupówki Street and see the hill narciarską- Great Krokiew. For fans of mountain trips will face many atrakcji- Three Crowns, Giewont. For less wytrwałych- Sea Eye or even Gubalowka will be a great addition to the trip.



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