Transport to the airport

Phew … dream vacation, peace of mind and detachment from work and everyday problems. From the hot sand on the beach, blue water and drinks with the umbrella separates us only a few hours spent in an airplane.

Packed suitcases, bundles, packs and can move. If it were not that the airport must somehow reach, and it is not that simple.

Usually, parking is at a considerable distance from the airport, and heavy luggage do not allow us to comfortably enter the destination. But there is a simple solution, that is, renting buses, which at a good price, quickly and efficiently will transport us to the place.

Of course, there is always the possibility of leaving the car at an airport parking lot, but the high costs deter many travelers. They are looking for cheaper parking, but away from the airport up to several kilometers. As for airport transfers Krakow offers lots of places where renting a bus will not ruin our portfolio, luggage will be transported safely and in a relaxed atmosphere, we will start our holiday. Companies also offer airport pick-up, so after completing the return flight waiting for us rented a car with a driver who will pack our luggage and take us back to our car.

Thanks to the company DreamCab access to the airport in Krakow do not spend longer anyone awake at night.


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