Visit Auschwitz

Poland is one of the european countries, which owns many different tourist attraction. This beautiful land took huge part in the history. Which places you must visit while your stay in Poland?

Auschwitz Birkenau Tour
First of all, if you are near wonderful Cracow, you must visit Auschwitz. This unique place gained “fame” after terrible and horrifying crimes agains humanity happened there during the Second World War.

Auschwitz used to be the largest of the German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centers. It is still unbelieveable that over 1.1 million men, women and children were killed them. Before they died they had suffered from hunger, cold, enormous physical effort in the labor camps, diseases and violence. Auschwitz Birkenau Tour is the best way to show attention to the bloody history. Thanks to the visit there many people discover how cruel wars are.
Wieliczka salt mine tour
The second attraction located near Cracow is Wieliczka. In this polish town the table salt was produced thanks to the amazing salt mine. The miners made four chapels and dozens of statues using salt rock as a sculpting material. Their sculptures still amaze all the visitors of Wieliczka. This tour is unforgettable.


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