The best in Poland

If you go to Poland and you wonder what to visit, it is obvious, that you should visit Auschwitz. This memorial of martyrdom is an evidence of enormous perpetration. Remains of prisoners of Auschwitz, like hair or clothes, will make you touched.

This is one of the most important places in the country. Auschwitz Birkenau Tour will be a great lesson of history of World War II. Nearby, there is another place, which is essential for Poles. It is a mine, where a lot of people worked once. Nowadays, this mine, located in Wieliczka, is inactive. Miners have not worked there for years. Nonetheless, the mine is open for tourists. You can get to know, how miners used to work. The best way to explore this attraction is Wieliczka salt mine tour, because it will let you get to know a lot of titbits.

Being in Poland, it is also worth to visit Cracow and Warsaw. First of this town is former capital, the second is present one. Cracow is attractive for people, who look for a fun.

Pubs, which are open very long time, let tourists drink and dance all night. Instead,people, who would prefer to visit beautiful places, they should visit Warsaw. It is wonderful town, combining modern building with postcommunist ones.


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