Attractions of south Poland

Poland is a country, which was especially harmed by World War II. It will be clear for you if you visit Auschwitz, the place, which saw the biggest inhumanity that a man is able to imagine. Auschwitz Birkenau Tour gives you a chance to look closely at detritus of genocide.
Being in Auschwitz, you should go to Cracow, which is located close to this town. A lot of visitors of Cracow agree, that it is the fabulous town. The main attractions are a wonderful Old Town and the castel named Wawel.

Besides, there are many pubs, restaurants, and places where you can dance in Cracow. It is the best place in the world to have a fun. It is not a subjective opinion, but it is claimed to be magnificent place by independent rankings. Having visited Auschwitz and Cracow you ought to take up Wieliczka salt mine tour.

Wieliczka is an ordinary polish small town, however inhabitants have something that they are proud of. It is very old salt mine. It is well known and popular place in Poland. Every guidebook recommends to visit it. Indeed, majority of inhabitants of south Poland have visited Wieliczka. It is so fantastic place, that you may be sure, that a lot of them have been there more than one time. You should also be there!


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